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We live in a time of change. New ways of working, new way of living, connected 24-7, more impressions and expectations, things are going faster and faster. In one way we have never had it so good as we have today, less starving, reduced hard manual labour, high standard of living. And yet, we see increased stress, anxiety, mental illness. How can we break free from the negative patterns and find that inner peace? 

I believe that we need to reconnect with ourselves to create that inner peace and happiness. You have the tools and strength within you, as a human you are built for this world, you just need to learn and bring out the tools you need. And that can be a challenge, to un-learn to re-learn. To see and understand your patterns that are not helping you anymore. To understand and manage your emotions. To find your inner purpose. But that is also the journey of life, finding your path, breaking free from the limited truths that you carry in your emotional backpack. It is evolution, to learn, to grow, adapt and to change. To meet the high speed and overwhelmed society we are in today we need new tools to handle it, the old ones have done their job. So in a way, you are just where you should be right now, it is now a choice how you want to move forward in life, find your way to balance, do your inner work and find happines in being you.

I hope to help you on your journey by sharing my learnings and experiences from the steps I have taken. I thought I made all the right choices, taking the steps I should in order to be successful. I had "all" I should have been happy. But on the inside, there was stress, anxiety, and the feeling of not being good enough. In 2015 I was at my darkest place, and it was a starting point for that inner change towards finding me. Now I share my story and I hope that it inspires you to break free, break old limiting patterns, that you open up discover new things within you and that you find your way to happiness and inner peace. 


The book

- The Vulnerable Man

Get inspiration and guidance in the book how to break patterns, insights about HSP, emotional management and the journey to reclaiming your life. 

Speaking events & workshops

Looking for an inspiring speech that opens up the journey to be vulnerbale and helps you start your inner journey towards your true self.

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